Know How to Prevent Outlook from Automatically Adding Calendar Events from Emails

Outlook is an accessible and secure email service in the market. A majority of people are using this on their various devices such as- Laptop, Android, Desktop, iPhone, tablets, etc. Outlook is providing an inbuilt scanning feature that allows you to find out if you have an invite to email, a flight ticket, hotel reservations, package delivery, and other. If you have not shared your data or information with anyone, then this feature allows Outlook Calendar to create calendar entries to alert you to email messages automatically. Mostly, we all use the Calendars to remind the events or dates of a day ahead, in spite of this Cortana is also sending you reminders about it.

If you are managing your daily routine or schedule through it, then it will work great to maintain and remind all these things. But if you are not using is then there are too many entries are collecting in your Calendar and clutters every day.

If you also not want any disturbance trough calendar activities, then you can disable it easily. To disable this calendar feature, you need to do some changes in Outlook Web setting.

Please note- All these settings are not available in the Calendar or the Outlook App for Windows 10.

You will get a step by step process to update or disable automatic events in your calendar from Outlook Emails.

  • Go to, and log-in your Microsoft Account with using an authorized password and email id.
  • Click on the “gear icon” to open the settings menu section and click on it. It is located on top-right of the window.
  • Then click on Options to see the full-fledged settings page.
  • Here you can configure any changes that are related to your Outlook Email.
  • Now, choose the Calendar, and expand it.
  • Then click on the Automatic Processing > Events for Email option.
  • You have got two different option here-1 Completely disable the add events my calendar from email 2- You can select what you want to see.
  • If you like some of the features, you can check them.
  • You can also select the “keep events private” option if your calendar is public.
  • Then there is another section for Invitations.
  • Here you can delete the invitations, and responses that have been updated, and remove notifications about forwarded events.

Suggestion- If you are using various Outlook accounts, then you need to repeat it for every account.

Please wait, it will take few minutes to syncs back to your Outlook App in Windows. Please note- your previously added events will not be deleted with this process, you can use it to manually removing.

If you face any issue with this provided process, then you can take help from Microsoft Customer Support team. You can connect with them by dialing Microsoft toll-free number. If you are interested in knowing more advantages of Outlook then you can visit on or Office technicians will provide you the right advice for your all Outlook related issues. So you can connect with Office experts without any hesitation to get active and secure customer service.

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