May 15, 2018 – Redeem Product Key – Office 365 Setup

Several significant versions of Microsoft Office have been launched since it was first released for Macintosh in 1989. A year later, Microsoft Office was officially released for Windows. Over the past decades, it has seen a significant evolution. The very first version of Office brought a bundle of applications together which enabled employees across different departments of a business in a way which was legendary. Ever since Microsoft has released a number of versions for Office, and every version is an improvement of the previous one.

While some businesses may be hesitant about shifting to cloud, Office 365 does have several essential features and advantages. Workers are already adept at working on Office applications, by getting Office 365 and activating the setup on your business not only gets to use the secure productivity software which it has been using for decades, but you can also give the responsibility on tech giant Microsoft.

Get Better Productivity With Office 365

Microsoft has spent a lot of resources in trying to make the suite as productive as possible. Not only does this cloud-based suite experience little to no outages, but it also saves a lot of time and effort by being easy to use. The user interface is pretty simple and the learning period is short. It has shortcuts, easy controls, help features, and other tools which help you in saving time.

Access Office 365 From Any Place

You can access your Office 365 from literally anywhere. You can access your documents from laptops, PCs, Macs, tablets, and phones. You basically just need any web-enabled device. No matter where you are, you will be able to view, change, access, analyze, delete, modify, and save your documents.

 Flawless Coordination With Programs You Know

Office 365 works effortlessly with the applications users already know and work on, such as Outlook, Visio, Publisher, Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint. These apps present the very excellent features users depend on along with the robust abilities of MS Office 365. Users can view if someone is editing the document they are working on, synchronize files with their PC, broadcast PPTs, and much more.

Easy Communication and Collaboration Inside and Outside The Workplace 

With Office 365, users can produce a password-locked portal to share large sized documents both inside and outside of their business, providing them a single place to locate the most recent variants of documents, irrespective of the number of individuals editing them.

Simple to Learn, Straightforward to Use

Office 365 is very easy to work on. Anybody can learn how to use it in a few days. It isn’t very difficult to use. You do not need to be a computer expert or study coding to work on Office 365. You should create a trial account if you are not familiar with Microsoft Office. Businesses do not have to spend much on training their workforce on how to use Microsoft Office.

Microsoft Office 365 Features

If a user gets Office 365, then they will always be provided with the most recent versions of Office programs as soon as they are launched. Users do not have to buy new versions of apps. An active and valid Office 365 subscription offers ongoing free access to all the recent improvements and added tools.

Renovated PowerPoint

With Microsoft 365, slideshow application PowerPoint has undergone an overhaul and Designer, Morph, and navigation tool Zoom has been added to it. With Designer, the users can create advanced level designs and even get automatic suggestions. With Morph, users can add fluid motion. With Zoom, users can add life to their slides and make their presentations interactive and appealing.

Two Powerful Tools For Word

Two crucial tools have been added to Microsoft’s word processor- Word. With Editor, users can enhance their writing skills. Editor is a proofreading tool which corrects grammatical, punctuation, spelling, and formatting errors. With researcher, users can find more about what they are working on without having to leave the app.

Excel Gets More Maps and Charts

With new maps and charts, users can make their spreadsheets livelier. Add professional level maps by just applying a couple of steps. This Map tool is also available in Word and PowerPoint. Funnel charts can also be added to Excel. They help in visualization of numbers and statistics.

Microsoft Office 365 Setup

It is very easy to setup Microsoft Office 365 on your Window PC, Mac computer, laptop, or mobile devices. The process of Microsoft Office 365 setup includes downloading, installing, and activating the product. Firstly, you need to have an Office account. When you purchase an Office 365 subscription, you will create a user account. You will receive a product activation key in your email. After downloading the Office setup, you need to run and install it. When this process is complete, go to and enter the 25 character alphanumeric product activation key in order to activate your Office 365. After successful activation, you can use Microsoft Office 365.