MS Office 365 To Maintain At Least 100 Versions of Your Documents

One of the critical points of the Microsoft’s market strategy for Office 365 is a digital collaboration between mobile personnel. A large number of added features and improvements in applications were done by Microsoft to gratify their belief that the younger people are used to performing in a supportive, collaborative and digital setting.

With this in mind, in May 2018, the company made an announcement that it is coming up with a change. This change is related to the way document versioning will happen for OneDrive for Business along with SharePoint Online. By the end of the next month (July 2018), all of the document libraries of SharePoint and OneDrive will be set so that they can retain at least one hundred main versions of reach Office document. Most importantly, this latest announcement clearly mentions that with these future modifications, the Document Library Settings page will not support the ability to stop versioning any longer. It will also not support the ability to configure the versioning to preserve less than one hundred document versions.


One of the most essential features of collaboration is maintaining different versions of each document so that they can be accessed when needed. It is necessary for collaborative circumstances where the creative course can get disorganized. A person’s unfinished thought which was tossed out 60 versions ago might just be the motivation needed to finish the project successfully. If the versioning feature is not there, that crucial fruitful insight can get lost forever, and the business’ productivity may suffer.

Although, maintaining around 1000 versions of each document present in OneDrive and SharePoint can take up significant additional storage space than several admins have hoped for. This alteration in the storage space might have unfavorable effects in certain situations.

According to the new set of rules, if the user has enabled versioning for SharePoint or OneDrive instances, then they will not be able to limit the number of versions below the minimum of one hundred any longer. Therefore, all the currently existing limits will automatically get increased to one hundred as and when the new versioning settings are released.

Locating the versioned documents

The versioned Office documents are not saved in the local drive of the Windows workstations. It is solely an online feature. If you wish to find a versioned document online on SharePoint or OneDrive, then launch your web browser, and go to and log in. Go to the library where you have stored the versioned document.

Click on the radio button which is located next to the document. Alternatively, you can right-click on the document name. When you get access to the advanced menu, and then go to the Version history.

After clicking the Version History link, a list of all the available versions of the document will be displayed. You can view, delete, or restore each version so that it can replace the present version. However, you will lose all the changes. To know more about Office 365 or to activate Office setup, go to

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