How to Use “Timeline Support App” to Integrate Chrome and Firefox?

Recently, Microsoft came up with a new feature for the Windows 10 users, and it is called – The Timeline feature. It is a Microsoft’s latest productivity feature for Windows 10. This feature was rolled out with version 1803 but lacked public appeal. Now you will get a browser extension for Firefox and Chrome that is called Windows Timeline Support. It will allow these two browsers to integrate themselves with Windows 10 Timeline.

The Windows Timeline Support is an add-on feature for Windows 10 users. It will change the current capability of the Timeline feature by taking it a step forward. This add-on feature will enable Windows users for both, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox to use Timeline as a quick way to reopen recently exited browsing sessions.

The process to Integrate Chrome & Firefox with Windows 10 Timeline

This extension feature will allow Windows 10 users to tap into Timeline by hooking them up to their Microsoft activity history, thereby making prior browsing sessions explicitly visible to them using Win+Tab shortcut keys.

Windows Timeline Support for Firefox Browser

To get this feature, you need to visit on the official page of the Mozilla add-ons page and sign-in to their Microsoft account using correct details to enable the add-on to plug-in and allow it to.

  1. Access your data for all websites
  2. Display notifications to you
  3. Access browser tabs
  • To use this feature, you will need for the Firefox pre-installed on your computer system. If you do not have it installed then downloads and installs the browser first.
  • It’s a one-time process only and when it’s done a notification will show on your screen that says the extension has been added to the browser.
  • Its icon will appear with the ‘menu’ option.
  • Then sign in with your Microsoft account using details to enable the add-on to sync your browsing history across the devices.
  • Besides this, the Windows Timeline Support also offers an alternative method to visit your Microsoft History Dashboard and remove all of the files which Microsoft saves to the cloud.
  • You need to follow the displayed on-screen instructions to see your ‘Activity History’ page.
  • Then click the ‘Clear activity’ button to delete your history.

Windows Timeline Support for Google Chrome 

  • Visit on the Chrome Web Store and download it.
  • Then install the extension and follow the on-screen displayed instructions to add the extension to Chrome browser.
  • Once enabled, and opened it will show your Windows Timeline.
  • After that, you will be able to automatically sync your browsing history to your Windows 10 PC with the help of Windows Timeline.

We hope that after following the above-given process, you will be able to integrate Chrome and Firefox with Windows 10 Timeline.

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