How to Search the UV Index of Location on iPhone?

Some user is reporting that they want to know that what the UV index is of your current location, or somewhere else?. Your iPhone is able to tell you everything about the UV Index of anywhere. You do not need to get any additional app to know about it.

To know that you need to use the default Weather app on your iPhone device. With the help of this, you are able to check the UV Index of anywhere in the world, or even right where you are placed at that moment.

As we know that the default Weather app in an iPhone comes with an extended weather details section. You can be accessed it by scrolling down. Among the detailed weather specifics now resides UV Index as well. We are providing a simple way to show you where you can get this helpful information.

How to find the UV Index of a Location with iPhone Weather App?

You will get below a method to see how you can get the UV Index of any place, location, or destination, all right from the iPhone:

  • To see this, you need to open the “Weather” app on your iPhone device.
  • Then you will see the Weather is loading for the current location.
  • But optionally you are able to swipe to access the location of elsewhere when you want to check the UV Index for.
  • After that, you need to scroll down on the location screen of Weather app to get the updated information of weather.
  • Then you have to look for “UV Index” to get the UV index information for that location.
  • There you will get it, now that you know the UV Index of a location.

You need to prepare a welder mask, solar panels, sunblock, sunglasses, hats or whatever other UV exposure precautions whatever you want to take. Also, it is possible that maybe you want a tan; in that case, you need to find the highest UV Index of a destination may appeal to you.

Besides this, you can also use the cool Spotlight Weather search tool to type in any location name, for example, “New York City” tapping on the Spotlight search to get the result. It will show you the location in the Weather app where you can get the additional details, such as- forecast, and UV Index, but without having to fill any other places to the Weather app.

By tapping the three lines button in the bottom right corner of the Weather app for iPhone, you can add a new location and then be scrolling all of the ways to tap on the “(+)” Plus button.

We hope that this article with help you to find the UV Index of Location on your iPhone. You can make it easier using above given steps.

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