Guide to Deactivating a Facebook Account

While using many services and things in our life, after a certain period of time due to lack of enthusiasm and time, stress, etc., we stop using those services and items. One of them might be your Facebook account. If a user no longer wants to use it, the user can deactivate it anytime, and can later retain it as per his or her wish without losing data. Below are the steps on how to deactivate the account on PC and through the mobile application.

Deactivating through PC is much easier compared to the other way.

Steps To Deactivate A Facebook Account Using The Mobile Application

  1. Launch the Facebook mobile application.
  2. Hit the Facebook menu, it looks like three stacked lines, at the below right of the screen.
  3. When the user sees the menu getting open, slide up till the end of the list.
  4. Choose the Setting option.
  5. Tap on the Account Settings option.
  6. Select the General setting option.
  7. Hit on Manage Account Settings.
  8. Tap on Deactivate.
  9. Hit one of the reasons displayed on the webpage of Facebook while deactivating the account.
  10.  It might ask the user to enter his or her password to confirm deactivation during these steps.
  11.  Navigate below to the screen and then press Deactivate.
  12.  Once it is deactivated, the user will be logged off and back at the login screen.
  13. Guide To Deactivate A Facebook Account Using The PC Site
  14. To deactivate Facebook account compare to Mobile app is relatively easier.
  15. Click on the below URL to directly go on the Facebook deactivate account screen:
  16. After reaching to the same screen, just choose the reason user wish to deactivate his or her Facebook account.
  17. At last just pull down and select deactivate.

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