Google Executive Says it Lost Out to Microsoft Buying GitHub

A Google administrative has admitted that the search giant lost out on buying the GitHub.

Yesterday, speaking at a Fortune Magazine event, the Diane Greene Google’s head of cloud prepared an interesting admission that I wouldn’t have minded to buying them, but it was OK, said by the Greene, Bloomberg reports.

However, earlier rumors have suggested that the Google was trying to acquire GitHub, besides the Microsoft’s bids. Chris Wanstrath, the GitHub founder allegedly choose Microsoft only because of his relationship with the CEO Satya Nadella.

Now, GitHub is a very large code repository which was becoming very popular with developers and also companies to host the projects, documentation, and also the codes. Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Google, and many other big tech companies are using GitHub. There are almost 85 million of the repositories which are hosted on the GitHub, and almost 28 million developers who are contributing to them.

The Google earlier this month comment on whether it will remain to continue to use the GitHub, but one of the spokesperson said that we do not comment on any ongoing acquisitions across the industry. And the Facebook has committed to the GitHub, a spokesperson revealed the truth, as long as the GitHub always remains a great place to share projects and also work together with some open source community, and we will continue to use it.

Greene also repeated that similar concerns from the developers about the Microsoft buying the GitHub and its future. He really hopes that the Microsoft will keep them neutral. Most of the developers look to be waiting to see what will occur with the Microsoft’s acquisition. Several well-known developers on GitHub, some of them would have had worried even if Google had acquired the service. Now the Microsoft has been trying to cool the initial nerves, and later this year, the company is now expected to close its deal.

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