What’s the Difference Between MS Office for Mac and Windows PC?

Users of Mac and Windows can get a Microsoft Office 365 subscription for their computer system. Microsoft Office also cleared that the applications and features of Office 365 are far less for MacOS compared to Office 365 for Windows 10. So today in this post we will talk about Microsoft Office 365 differences between Mac and Windows PC.

We know that very well, either Windows or Mac PC users are interested to know about the “What is the difference of Microsoft Office between Mac and Windows PC.” This post will help you to solve your this concern.

Let’s Know about the Difference between Office for Mac and Windows

Insufficient Apps in Office for Mac

The basic apps in Microsoft Office like-MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS OneNote. Here OneNote is also available for Android, Windows, iOS, MacOS, and more another operating system. It is a standalone program for all these systems.

The Home edition subscription of Microsoft Office will provide you with all of the above-given apps except the below-given apps:-

1- MS Publisher: – Using this you can create and print office stationery such as- you can quickly create a business card based on a template or from scratch.

2- MS Outlook: – It will help you to send and receive emails from another email accounts safely.

3-MS Access: – It is a relational database program will help you to work with MS Excel.

In the coming version of Office 365, you will get five apps for the Mac Home addition. The apps are given below:-

  • Microsoft Word.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Microsoft OneNote.
  • Microsoft Excel.
  • Microsoft Outlook.

For the regular user of Publisher, just tricky to find these apps because there is no Microsoft Publisher in the Office 365 for the Mac PC. So it possible that they are not able to open the files that they have created in Microsoft Publisher in Windows 10 system.

Mac users can install these apps from USB or disk. To install they need to go to custom installation and delete all of the software that they don’t want to use in future. Mac users are not able to select apps to be installed when directly installing from Office 365 subscription page.

Power Features is less in apps of Office 365 for Mac.

All these are software or apps are fully functional in Office 365 for Mac. But they don’t have some of the features that power users can use like- VBA scripts can create an issue in Word and Excel for Office 365 for Mac as this edition is not supporting to MacrOS system. Mac users can miss many ActiveX controls in MS Word.

If you are using the SharePoint, then we will suggest you use Office 365 for Mac. The MacOS version of Office 365 is not supporting with all the features of SharePoint. Most of the features of SharePoint are exclusive to the Windows operating system so it will not work on the Mac OS.

Mac users are also not able to Arabic and Hebrew languages that write from left to right because your system does not support them.

Besides this, there is no more optimization tool to see the performance of Office 365 apps. The Upload Manager is also missing in Mac. But no need to worry about it because you can directly be stored the files in OneDrive instead of the initial folder of sync that named is OneDrive.

Similarly, the Microsoft Word does not have a file-repair-on-open feature in Mac, but the Windows version is providing this.

In Summary

In short, we can say that for Mac, there is not more negatives in the Office 365. However,  the Office 365 is providing full functionality for Windows PC, but the Mac users can also get these functions easily if they are not using the powerful computing. Some of the features are as good on Mac as on Windows PC. Office 365 has excellent capability to store your important files or folders directly to OneDrive, without taking any help from Upload Manager. Alternatively, you can save these files locally on your Mac HD. It is an Autosave feature in both versions. So if you don’t remember to save your files because of any reason then this software will automatically save your files on your PC.

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