How to Copy and Paste Multiple Text Blocks at Once in Microsoft Word?

Have you remembered those days when you have used the yellow highlighter to highlight any critical text? No doubt, you have done it any time in your college or school time. But we know that everyone wants a simple and easy way to easily collect all of the highlighted text a book pasted it onto a page in a notebook. But now Word has resolved this issue.

But sometimes it happens; you are reading a lengthy note on the word and want to highlight some essential sentences on the document, etc. So now you will quickly do it after reading this post. Today, we will talk about how to find and select the highlighted text. Alongside, we will also discuss how to copy and paste highlighted text without highlighting it into the new word document. Please read the post carefully to save your time and efforts.

How to highlight text in a Word document?

  • To highlight any text in Word Document, select them first.
  • Then click on the Text Highlight Color button in the Font section.
  • It will show in yellow color when you will click on it.
  • If you don’t want to select the yellow click the down arrow on the right of the button to find another color.
  • Then click on the selected color button.

Method to Find and Select Highlighted Texts:-

  • To manually copy all of the highlighted text, select the first block of the text with the help of mouse cursor.
  • Move to the next block of highlighted text and press the Ctrl key while you select that.
  • Then press Ctrl + C key to copy your selected block.

Please note- You can’t highlight each of the text blocks to select multiple blocks, but it makes you way easier to choose a block.

  • However, manually process of selecting text block is time taking.
  • To select all of the highlighted text in a single time, you can see the Find and Replace tool in the word.
  • Press Ctrl + H key in Find and Replace dialog box.
  • Then click the Find tab, click the more option.
  • Click on the Format option and then select the Highlight option.
  • Below the Find Box, a Highlight option will show now.
  • Click on the Find and then select Main Document option to find and select all of the highlighted text.
  • Word will show you the highlighted items.
  • Go to the upper-right corner of the dialog box and click the X or press Esc to close it.
  • All of the highlighted blocks are selected.
  • Then copy your text by pressing Ctrl + C

How to paste selected text into another word file?

  • Open the Word to paste selected and highlighted text, go to File > New > Blank document to create the new document.
  • Press the Ctrl + V key to paste selected text into the new Word document.
  • When you paste the copied text, it will automatically show in your selected color on your new document.
  • If you want to see it in normal mode means without highlighting then you can paste only the text without the formatting.
  • You can use the down arrow on the Paste button in the Clipboard section of the Home tab instead of the Ctrl + V to paste the copied text.
  • Besides this, you can also use the Keep Text Only button by clicking the Paste Options button.

With the help of this post now you will able to easily Copy and Paste your Multiple Text Blocks at Once in Microsoft Word.

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