Best Apps for GPS Tracking in Android & iPhone

In the background of the fourth industrial revolution, numerous emerging technology came into picture which brought wonders. GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking application is one of them which became the unimaginable thing in its starting days. Now, vehicles are also equipped with the GPS navigators. By using the GPS location tracking applications, you can know the exact location of a person on a real-time basis. In this direction, GPS technology can also be used to track the cell phone with much ease.

Below, here is a catalogue of some of the best applications for GPS tracking

1. Glympse GPS Tracker

It is a free-to-download GPS mobile tracker. Both Android and iOS devices support Glympse GPS Tracker app. You can send the GPS position of anyone and also keep eyes on their movement. When you deliver the request regarding location sharing with the target mobile to your mobile, then you can trace the movement. Its user interface is lucid and easy to use. You can find the location on the dynamic map. It is compatible with both iMessage and Apple watch.

2. Find My Friends

It is the native application of Apple for GPS tracking purpose. By using this app, you can find the location of your friends. It also helps in finding the missing kids on a real-time basis.

3. Flexispy Phone Tracker

It is known for its highly accurate tracking information. It can also be operated in the background window. Even you can get the past records like finding date and time on which your last destination met.

4. HoverWatch

It is exclusively for Android to provide reliable GPS cell phone tracking application. It uses Wi-Fi network and GPS to track the position of the destination. You can trace the movement if the GPS system is not available. By this app, you can find the target location anytime.

5. GPS tracker- FollowMee

When you desire to transform the Android or iOS device into GPS (Global Positioning System) tool, then you can utilize this app. Through this app, you can trace the mobility of several devices at a time. It can also be worked on the background page. It charts the position data despite having an offline mode.

6. iKeyMonitor It is the tool to get the real-time based location of anyone. It assists parents to track the movement of their children. You can see the positioning history of the destination. Even, you can save the surrounding sounds of the destination place. In this app, you can fix the time slots at which you will get the GPS positioning updates.

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